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My name is Mobolaji Olaniyi Cole, I am an addict in spreading the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, I'm a  loving Husband of One and a proud Father of Two!

                          THIS IS MY STORY

For many years being a believer, Jesus was

calling me for His work and I kept avoiding it; some men of God told me repeatedly, but I did not take it seriously.

Eventually, I yielded partially in 2013 and

in doing so, I saw a vacuum in the service of God, where I was based and I made a covenant with God that every opportunity I have to do the work of God, I will use it to magnify the name of JESUS.

Subsequently, I joined the workforce in the Church and I was comfortable being a consistent Sanctuary Cleaner and Follow-up/Evangelism addict;

I thought God should be satisfied with that level of commitment, but I was wrong; the Word kept coming through different men and women of God that, what God has ordained for me is more than the level I was.

When the pressure was becoming too much, I asked God for proof; just like Gideon did in the book of Judges Chapter 6.

The Almighty God in His infinite mercy granted my request and gave me some mind-blowing proofs that I honestly do not have hiding place anymore.

I have since surrendered to the Potter to mold and shape me as HE desires in order that I fit into HIS use.

Had I known that there is "Joy without borders" in serving God, perhaps I should have yielded years before now. "better late than never"

Jesus picked me up from the miry clay and set my feet upon the rock and He has established my goings.

He has put new songs in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it and fear and shall trust in the Lord. AMEN. PSALM 40:2&3.

By the Grace of God, I have not even started, considering what God told me and most importantly where He is taking me.

I have declared myself over and over for Christ Jesus.

I pray that God grants me the grace and the strength to keep soaring high in my service for Jesus till I run the race to the finish line.

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If there is anything in this life that is true and reassuring, it is the word of God.

When the Disciple saw Jesus walking on water, the bible says they were terrified, thinking it was a spirit, but Jesus assured them with His words:

"Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

Matthew 14:27.

Having said that, I thought that statement should have at least assuage the obvious fear of the Disciples, but Apostle Peter went further to ask:

"Lord, if it's really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water."

Matthew 14:28.

I later got the revelation that, Peter knew it was Jesus but he wanted a word from Jesus in order for him to also walk on water and the moment Jesus said "Come", Peter began to walk on water. So the power in the word of Jesus propelled Peter to walk on water!


The above scenario encapsulates my story.The word of God is the catalyst that have been keeping me going in the face of trials I have experienced in my walk with God in the last six years.

My experience so far in doing the work of God has been filled with battles of life, particularly in the last two years.

It totally negates the heretical teaching that:

"A life with Christ will be free from crisis". My own experience has been a contrary!

John 16:33.

There were difficult times of rejection and persecutions. It became extremely painful and punishing for me when it was like; "me against the world!" I then

understood what it means to be lonely in the midst of crowd.

I know clearly now what Jesus Christ meant when He said:

"You will be hated by all for my name's sake".

Matthew 10:22

At the same time, I can boldly say that I have good understanding of what God said in Isaiah 43:2;

"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up.."

The month of March is a very memorable month for me as far as the work of God is concern.

This time last year, the fierce opposition against me was at a very high level; both spiritually and physically!

All sort of curses were flying around, I was told point blank that I might not see the end of 2018. They even hired a "balaam" to prophecy madness, but he flopped! Later they issued further threats to get "a balaam that knows how to curse"; all of these failed them woefully.

In the process of time, l became conscious of the reality of:

" Terror of the night, arrow that flies in the day and pestilence in darkness"

Psalm 91:5&6

However, as it pleases God, in the heat of that intense opposition and attack; the Lord Almighty helped me to lunch: for the propagation of the Gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ!

Brethren, join me in showing gratitude to God, for the first year anniversary of broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus to every part of the world.

To God be all the Glory!

Brethren, God never sends anyone into any situation alone. He goes before you, He stands beside you and He walks behind you.

If not for God and His words, I couldn't have survived all those attacks or be able to do anything by my own knowledge or strength.

The high point of the whole saga for me was when God made me to come to the realization of the meaning of one of His names;

Ogbeni nija keru o bonija!

Meaning; the God that avenges for one to the extent you begin to feel sorry for your enemy!Oma se o

I am indeed grateful to the Almighty God who fought my battle without me having to do anything; apart from praying and meditating on His words!

Exodus 14:14.

God shielded me and every member of my family from the arrows of the enemy!

By the way, how can anyone think he will prevail over the chosen one God has anointed with His Holy oil, Psalm 89:20 even before he was conceived in his mother's womb?

Looking back to my very early childhood years, I remember my mother told me and I know I was born with the "attribute" of a child meant for God's use.

Permit me at this juncture, to appreciate the great woman, God used to bring me into this world, my late Mother; Mrs Christiana Adetoun Cole (Nee Oduniyi). It would have been good for her to see what God is using me to do now.

However, God in His unsearchable ways have provided me another Mother in and through my Mother-in- law: Mrs. S. Titilayo Adewale (Nee Agoro).

Frankly speaking, I am not sure my late Mother would have given me a better support as my Mother-in-law has done over the years as far as the work of God is concern.

Thank you Mummy for your prayers and words of encouragement, particularly during the time the pressure was so much on me to quit!

Please help me to sing:

"Oye ka dupe, o ye ka dupe, ara san, ategun fe, iji ja ko gbe wa lo oye kadupe".

In all modesty; I cannot be intimidated to quit. God has commissioned me for an assignment that cannot be prevented.

The assailant and his agents (haters) should have known by now that my own case is different!

No power of hell, no scheme of man can pluck me or prevent the fulfillment of the word of God.

If you persist, you will hit God again and face the consequences!

In view of the above, let them be advised that by the Mercy and Grace of the God that called me for His work, I am going to be around for a very long time to come; if Jesus tarries.

You can be sure Jesus is the one that sent me, I am not doing these of my own volition!

I am confident that God, who began the good work in you and I, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when my Lord Jesus returns.

Phil 1:6.

Prayer: Every attack targeted at me, you and all members of our families will backfire at the sender and they will stumble and fall in Jesus name.

I will be needing your prayers very much, for the work has just begun and the journey is still great ahead for me.

In conclusion, if you are yet to give your life to Jesus Christ or you are one of those people that have patronized the occult and witchcraft power it is not too late for you to come back and surrender.

Repent from your evil ways and come fully to the fold of Christ, where victory is guaranteed!

Brethren, when you have God; you have everything and He will see you through every difficult moment of life in Jesus name.




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